Joann Younger and Kendra Younger

Joann Younger and Kendra Younger


Joann Younger, the former owner of Renaissance has been involved in the fashion world since 1975.  In 2013, she recruited her daughter-in-law, Kendra Younger to operate Renaissance.  After 20 years, she officially passed the baton to Kendra and son, Christian Younger who also reside in Santa Barbara.  Kendra has worked with various retail establishments, heading the marketing and financial side with a former fashion modeling background.  Christian is a UCSB and Pepperdine Alumni and practices law.  Their young daughter, Kealey is already a fashionista! 


and At The Heart of Renaissance...

Renaissance sponsors the American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Project, The Santa Barbara Opera, Jr. League, Helping Handbags, Choral Society of Santa Barbara and various local school districts and religious organizations in Sacramento and Santa Barbara Counties.

Donations are made to the American Cancer Society and W.E.A.V.E.  We extend tax donation slips to our consignors upon request.



A woman can be overdressed, but not over elegant.
— Coco Chanel