Big fashion: Big No-No, or Big Yassss


Fall fashion means layers and warm for most of the population, but for the fashion forward crowd it signifies the start of something more.  It’s finally time to bust out the big coats, scarves, hats and whatever else we’ve been closeting away for chillier times.  Some time back Lenny Kravitz blew us all back by strolling the streets in his now infamous oversized woven scarf, giving our grandmothers’ handiwork a run for its money.  Today we have a new front runner on the big and bold fashion front—Kendall Jenner.  Arriving to her brother-in-law’s sporting a few-sizes-too-large puffer jacket, courtesy of Balenciaga, Ms. Jenner reminded us that big is beautiful, especially when it’s ostentatious.  Could she be influenced by her in-law, who has recently been in the news rocking his own humorously humongous Yeezy slides?  Is it all part of a bigger plan?  A fantastic fall rollout of epically proportioned fashions, perhaps?  Do the Kardashian-West’s know something we don’t know?  Or are they still trying to make “fetch” happen?