Today is Halloween!  It’s once again socially acceptable to eat your weight in fun sized 3 Muskateers bars—not that the social shame was stopping me before...Anyhow, the costume event of the season is here and I am here for it.

On the celebrity front, my favorite costume is brought to us by the one and only Paris Hilton.  This year Paris decided to wow us with a unicorn colored “sexy Furby” interpretation.  Complete with winged, iridescent platform knee-high boots, matching skater skirt, furry chest plate and ears, Paris took “that’s hot” to whole new level of warmth.  Here’s hoping no actual Furbies were hurt in the construction of her fuzz covered disco fit.

For myself, historically, I start planning my outfit months ahead of time, however this year’s hunt found me crouched down in a fitting room, trying not to rip the laced wedding dress sleeves I was attempting to squeeze into, all the while avoiding exposure due to a very questionably placed full length mirror.  I quickly decided this was not my year to go full Labyrinth.  I pivoted to Evil Queen instead.  Already owning most of the wardrobe, I crafted a custom cape—because it’s cheating (and lazy) if the entire costume is store bought.  Though, I did take advantage of the fact that I needed a new pair of faux leather leggings, and tossed in a new pair of crystal earrings just for good measure.  They matched the floral pattern in my corset, so, clearly, a necessity.

Many staple pieces of clothing and shoes in my closet have actually been parts of past Halloween costumes.  You see, it’s not a frivolous purchase if you can incorporate it into your daily rotation.  I’ve also re-fashioned some garments into costumes by altering and adding other accoutrements.  Some may call it hoarding, but I call it up-cycling.

As much as I love Halloween, I also can hardly wait for it to be over—that’s when all the candy goes on sale.


Sarah Seals