Over-the-knee and through the woods..

Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of variance in foot fashion.  From the sock boot to ugly sneakers, it’s nice to see people taking chances with their comfort levels (orthopedic inserts optional).  One trend I see riding high with the It girl community is the thigh-high heeled boot.

Often monogrammed, and heavily supported by an accompanying logo-laden outfit, the thigh boot is the new status based fashion necessity.  From Beyoncé to fashion blogger, legs clad in Fendi and Gucci prints seem to be the new norm.  The most interesting part of this trend, and what I don’t know is apparent or not is this: thigh boots are essentially butt-less pants. 

Not quite chaps, and more substantial than leggings, these booty-less wonders make the need for actual pants disappear faster than the paycheck you coughed up to secure these sky-high thigh-highs.  Now, I’m all for boots, always, and I’m not one to shy away from a super hero silhouette, but I do worry about the possible setbacks to wearing such a statement boot. 

For instance, do you have to change your whole outfit if your lunch somehow falls down your boot shaft?  Do you enlist your dining partner to help you shake it out?  That stain?  Oh, it’s just ketchup.  A burger fell on my boot!  Hmmm, I don’t know, do I really need to add shoes to my dry cleaning bill?  Perhaps their epic impact will be worth the trouble, but for now, this girl will stick to her growing army of combats.