Money Moves

After a weekend that should have been filled with holiday parties in sparkly jewel toned outfits, I found myself instead, couch bound in the same buffalo plaid flannel and yoga pants.  Wheezing in a winter laundry land at home, I scanned my closet area wondering if my velvet dresses and evening gowns would ever see the light of 2018.  Considering that the hacking has yet to subside, things seems bleak.  However, not leaving the house gave me plenty of time to catch up on the news—namely, Cardi B’s new video.

Belcalis, known to the masses as Cardi B, dropped a new video for her single for “Money” this week.  Drawing from her experience on the pole and her appreciation for the finer things, this video is a perfect visualization of Card B’s (and perhaps some of our own) high-low lifestyle.  “Money” is about more than just costumes though, it’s a visual homage to high fashion, and those who came before her.  

Respects were paid to hip hop legend Lil’ Kim in the form of a bikini-clad power squat, a reference to Kim’s promo image for her album Hard Core.  Ever the fearless fashion maven, Lil’ Kim helped pave the way for other outspoken female rappers.  Her penchant for crayon colored wigs and outlandish outfits carry directly over the Belcalis, who has been the darling of the fashion world this year.  Moschino front man Jeremy Scott even accompanied her in her pontiffic and balleriffic pearled Catholic couture to the Met Gala earlier this year.   

“Money” also makes moves to include one of my favorite goth inspired drama-heavy designers, Gareth Pugh.  Cardi reigns over her court in a Betelgeuse-meets-Madonna radial black and white ensemble pulled straight from Pugh’s spring 2017 runway collection.  For me, this is her peak lewk, but it would be disrespectful to leave out the others, sooo...Sliding around like a sand worm in a Christian Cowan special, Cardi is decked out with nearly a hundred golden time pieces shaped into a body suit with matching Nefertiti head piece.  A possible Illuminati reference connecting us back to Cowan’s checkerboard pop art outfit seen previously on the cover art for Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy.

Aside from all this, there are clear Thierry Mugler references in the dancers’ outfits as well as Cardi’s own pink peek-a-boo ensemble.  The Mugler-esque silhouettes are timely, considering all the press Beyoncé has been serving recently, being Muglerized for her On The Run tour.  The bold shoulders and  alien-like mortar board hats are unmistakable and awe-inspiring.  I’m still in awe of how Bey was able to see her own two feet through the tiny slits in those hats...

Seeing all my favorite musicians wearing all my favorite designers is a bit like Christmas, minus the inevitable disappointment when you open another package full of socks.  Just kidding, you know I love socks.




The OG lewk, straight off the runway



The beautiful Betelgeuse-ification of Belcaris