A New Resolve

Every year we create lists to dictate how the new year should play out.  We resolve to be healthier individuals, surrounded by less toxicity by way of kale salads, grain bowls and tea-tox.  Glowing skin and frequent bowel movements aside, it seems we neglect one of the most important sectors of our lives during this new year overhaul: our wardrobe.

We desire to weed out the problematic people from our lives, but not the strappy sandals that give us blisters?  We keep the deep v-neck with the discreetly placed safety pin, but we nix the sugar?  It takes a lot of effort to be fully cognizant of the task at hand while policing the embarrassing gap created between our chest and blouse when we lean over to grab literally anything.  But we do it anyway—multitasking, am I right??  Ugh, why do we do this?  We strive to do better in every other lane, and then we go haphazardly inserting foreign objects into our clothes to make them “fit” better.  It’s time to make a change.

In 2019 we should resolve to stop buying underwear when we still have pairs with tags on them.  I know the “buy 5” deal is great, but an entire dresser for your drawers is a bit excessive, unless you’re Brittany Spears—who was famously known to only wear each pair only once.  At that point, you’re really just living the dream, so I’m not even mad.  For the rest of us, who are not Brittany, we should probably just know when to walk away from a deal.  The same goes for very specific event wear.  How many more wedding guest appropriate dresses do I need?  All of my friends are already married, as are my boyfriend’s friends.  Though, it could be argued that it might just be time to make new friends...

Another thing to work on in the new year: shoes.  If you’re still buying inexpensive shoes that don’t offer support or make your feet hurt, it’s time to stop.  It was time to stop ten years ago, but I didn’t discover moisturizer until my mid twenties, so no judgment here.  Our poor feet go through a lot and for some reason we brutalize them like a toxic friend, putting them in cute stilettos that cut deeply into our heels.  If you said, “I love you, but I don’t mind seeing you bleed”, to anyone else in your life, they would leave your psycho ass in the wind.  Stop treating your feet like you can get a replacement when the old ones wear out.  You know what you can get replaced?  Heel caps and soles.  I hear they even have places where you can find replicas of the worn out footwear you’ve been hoarding.  DSW and Zappos are fun, and if you have attachment issues like I do, there’s always eBay.  If you find a size 9, Jeffrey Campbell, platform, cage shoe in black, be sure to holler at your girl.

Im not saying you should throw out all your old couture.  It was freezing over the weekend, and I pulled out a pair of fuzzy arm warmers I haven’t worn in four years, and thank Yeezus!  However, if you procured replacement sports bras over the holiday season, then you should toss out the old ones that force you to break a sweat just wrestling them on and off.  Same for unholy hole ridden socks.  Anything white and stained—trash.  Ideally, in 2019 we should ready our closets for change.  Get rid of the worn out stuff before it makes you feel worn out.  Know what’s worth salvaging and what no longer serves you.  It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.  I’m right there with you.  Let’s do this.


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