Across the Closet

As a child I grew up playing with lots of dolls, mostly Disney princesses and bootleg hollow plastic Barbies from the toy shop my grandmother spent her afternoons tending.  Of all the dolls I had at my disposal, the one I had the most fun dressing was not made of plastic, or even fabric.  No, the most amusing doll to dress was actually my little brother.  He always looked perfect in my big skirted dresses and giant hair bows.  Being so young he knew not of gender norms and seemed to enjoy modeling the ruffly, floral bibbed dresses I had just out grown.  Of course, he eventually outgrew his sister in size, and as luck would have it I would delight in wearing his hand-me-downs.

Being sartorially non-binary, all the world is my closet.  I’ve always believed that anyone can pull off anything with the right attitude.  As a case study, let us examine English comedian and art goth, Noel Fielding.  Noel Fielding is a human who knows no fashion boundaries and thank Goddess for that.  He is unafraid of being too fabulous.  Part punk and wholly pretty, Noel is a gender-bending clotheshorse, with Joan Jett hair and a penchant for pattern, as well as the avant garde.  I can hardly think of another’s closet I would rather ransack.  If only more men felt comfortable borrowing style tips from the fairer sex, perhaps we’d have better options when we stole things from their side of the wardrobe.

Christmas time puts me in a position to really consider men’s fashion, as I am always shopping for a couple of males with distinct but different styles.  I find myself torn between mimicking their choices and forcing them to step outside their comfort zones.  Sizing issues aside, even if the shoes fit, they may not be a stylistic match.  Like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him wear his expensive designer wing tips...or, something like that.  Perhaps the lesson here is that when shopping for the person you love, the best gift is an accessory you can both share.  Scarves, anyone?

Sarah Seals2018, DESIGNER SCARF