What happened in Santa Barbara County is pure tragedy.  Many consumers have contacted us to ask what "WE" are doing to help the victims of the Thomas Fire and Mudslides.  I found this surprising at first.  What can WE do?  Our doors had remained closed for part of December when ash filled the air and a look of Armageddon was on the rise headed towards State Street.  Our main priority was to keep our employees and ourselves safe.  We sat in hotel rooms crying at the potential loss of our homes and businesses and the beauty of Santa Barbara that may no longer exist.  Weeks went by and the incredible efforts of the Fire and Police Departments made it safe for us to wash off the ash and return back to daily life.

On January 2nd, Renaissance celebrated a remodel of the store and what we thought would be a new beginning with a New Year!  Exactly one week later, the mudslides began.  We were speechless.  My Santa Barbara Renaissance Team and I stood in the backroom of the store and cried.  We cried for our long time customers and friends who were stuck in their homes.  We cried that the mudslides continued to wipe the beauty out of Santa Barbara.  We cried at more loss. 

In the beginning of February we saw a small ray of sunshine forming and there was outreach in the community and talk of a Kick Ash Bash Event that would benefit the Santa Barbara Fire Association and all the First Responder Units who handled the Thomas Fire and Mudslides.  My husband (and Partner) and I contacted the Event Coordinator and wanted to get involved.  The event would take place February 25th.  All proceeds raised would go directly to the departments for new equipment and would also support victim funds with services to get them back on their feet.  On Sunday, February 25th, my family and I attended this event as a Sponsor.  There were over 10,000 people at the Summerland Estate and the event had been completely SOLD OUT before it ever went public.  With hopes of raising $500,000, One805 (volunteers who put this in action) raised over a million.  Many celebrities who are also locals in the community were there to be a voice.  I have never felt so much love and appreciation in the wake of what's happened.  I am esteemed to have been apart of it. 

Renaissance Fine Consignment sends our sincerest "Thank you" to all the Fire, Police, First Responders, Counselors and Medical Teams that have picked up the pieces.  We are ONE.