Fast Fashion Diet

We feed our bodies a steady diet of leaves, protein and other supplements to keep our temples healthy and hydrated.  Of course, most of us also keep a few boxes of cookies and reduced fat Cheez-Its somewhere in the cupboard.  We tend to do the same when it comes to our closets.

Lots of us stock up on plenty of pants, solid camisoles and cardigans.  These staples are assembled into uniforms for those days when we have negative ten minutes to get ready and be out the door.  The other part of our wardrobe is flamboyant, sparkly or embellished.  

This sugary part is perfect for parties and evenings out, or even just those days when you’re feeling yourself.  Often these fun parts are made up of fast fashion pieces, like trendy animal patterns in Pantone colors, seasonal prints and bootleg versions of Ariana Grande’s streetwear (faux ponytail optional).  While there will always be trends that speak to us (hello, faux fur), and ones who don’t even know our names (neon highlighter colored anything), it’s wise to know when to amass and when we should pass.  Otherwise, we face a terrible imbalance.

When sugar is the foundation for our dietary pyramid and fiber rarely makes an appearance, what is the result?  Fabulous outfits on the regular, probably, but unless you’ve got the budget for the good stuff, there’s a chance you might look like you took a tumble through the clearance section of Forever 21.   How do we avoid this?  How do we keep our lewks on fleek without looking passé and cheap?

Selective impulse shopping.  

Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s not, really.  

Let me explain.

If balling on budget is a lifestyle choice you’ve made, then you know good things come to those who wait.  You gamble and hope that the sugar glazed thing you’re lusting after will still be waiting for you when it reaches the right price.  It very well may be, or it may be going home in your neighbor’s cart, or the person who entered their credit card information three minutes faster than you did.  Now it’s your fault for lingering over that boring, multigrain striped turtleneck you didn’t really want.  Don’t do that.  Let those impulses rip every once in a while.  Give in to the craving.  Spend the extra dough investing in that up and coming designer Dakota Johnson’s stylist keeps putting her in.  You’ll end up with some sweet pieces to supplement your weekly wardrobe.  

By spending the extra cash you’ll not only add to your street cred, but reduce the probability that your new cropped jacket looks like it was manufactured in a third world country by a pair of tiny non-fair trade hands.  Consider it a win while keeping the diet in balance. 

Sarah Seals