But, Who Are You Wearing, Tho?

Quite honestly, I don’t watch a lot of new content.  Unless it’s readily available via Netflix or YouTube, I’m probably not going to see it.  Not for a while.  So, for me, award shows are basically celebrity based runways, where the models get more face time and are far less likely to trip and suffer a fall.  It’s a lot harder to trip over your gown when you have two assistants carrying your train.


Speaking of which, one of my favorite looks from this year’s Golden Globes is definitely Lady Gaga’s Valentino made, ice blue lake of a gown.  I’m not sure what’s more impressive, her endless train or the fact that her hair was dyed to match the exact color of the dress.  Either way, the commitment to excellence is real.   I’ll never forget the first time I dragged a train behind me.  Several feet of black taffeta stopped abruptly as two very rude, drunk women trampled across it.  Lucky for them, we were in public, and I was late for prom.  If anyone were to try that on me today, trust that earrings would be removed and chanclas would be thrown.  I’m just saying, the couture must be respected and upheld at all times.  


Billy Porter aka the Real MVP of the red carpet wore a outfit that I can only describe as magnificent, or as the millennials say, “#goals”.  He wore a Randi Rahm trench coat colored suit with floral embellishments adorning the jacket, shirt and matching fuschia, satin-lined cape.  Porter finished the lewk in a pair of slightly heeled, red velvet Gucci loafers.  Of course.  Any time a man attends a formal function in a plain black suit, a little piece of me dies.  So, thank you to Billy Porter, for giving me life.  


Aside from the two aforementioned and obvious fashion winners of the night, there were a couple other outfits worth mentioning.  Constance Wu wore a stunning sheer corseted Vera Wang, belted with a goldfish colored velvet ribbon.  Typically a flesh toned dress can look like one is wearing no dress at all, but not in this case.  Another tricky look to pull off is head to toe sequin.  Nicole Kidman decided to go full sequin this year in a long sleeved crimson Michael Kors.   The danger of full body sequins is that the effect can be reminiscent of full body latex. It’s a look.  I’m not saying it’s a good one, but, it is a look.  Funnily enough, more people seem to want to engage in conversation over Kidman’s hair bow, rather than the thousands of sequins outlining her figure.  I’m not sure what this means, but I’m going to ponder it while I look up cape patterns on the the internet...




Sarah Seals