Fashion Field Trip: Pickwick Vintage Show

Few things get me to leave my shack on a rainy day.  The very real possibility of more mudslides doesn’t make it any more enticing.    However, I’m not one to back down from any plan that involves being surrounded by vintage clothing and jewels.  I dug out my aubergine Timberlands, some warm socks, and away we went to the Pickwick Vintage Show.


Pickwick Gardens is a delightfully retro venue, located in Burbank, that offers space for conferences, weddings and vintage clothing conventions, thankfully.  A visit to the pink bathroom before digging into the racks primed me for the rest of the day’s throwback experience (and gave me low key Madonna Inn vibes).  Mirroring my previous fashion expedition at A Current Affair, I found myself too enveloped by the masses of Moschino and Missoni to notice the masses of fellow vintage lovers surrounding me, at first.  The price points were more varied than that of the aforementioned gathering, though I still managed to find myself attracted to the $200 and above items.  As a lover of all things rad, I see the beauty before I see brand, though more often than not I found my hand pulling out a Jean Paul Gaultier faster than an unfamiliar vintage label.  Sad news for the wallet, but exciting for the eye.  


I passed a few more contemporary items, namely a pink swan clad Stella McCartney blouse and a black and romanitic colored paneled Zac Posen gown.  Of course, the gown was my size, and dressing rooms were available, and it would have been perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I had to remind myself of impending future expenses, and decided to exercise restraint and heavy sighs.  She was lovely though.  


A few celebrity sightings and vibrant polyester caftans later, I found my first purchase.  Sometimes you see a garment and it immediately fills you with joy.  Such was the story with my new red and black velvet vintage jacket.  It was the perfect combination of color, cut, texture and blinging buttons that got me peeling off layers to get this beauty on my body.  My shopping partner, and everyone within the viewing vicinity agreed, the jacket had found a new owner.  I mean, when you know, you know.


Having secured a souvenir, I was finally able breathe and take in some people watching.  I spotted a few fashionable women with advanced style and noticed there seemed to be some consistencies among them.  Perfectly coiffed short hair and/or turban, penchant for pattern mixing, or classic leopard and basic black combination, and no holding back on the statement jewelry.  The future is bright, and well tailored.  


I also impulsively added a couple of new polka dots scarves, because who passes on a $10 silk Bill Blass?  Not this scarf hoarder.  As I currently sit here watching a polka dot clad Mary Berry talk of pavlovas and sultanas, I know I made the right decision.  I look forward to another weekend of tough (and easy) decisions next week when we hit the road again for another vintage excursion.  Until then, I’ll be on the internets searching for the perfect thing to go with my shiny new jacket.



Neat knits


If I had a few spare hundos...


What pure joy looks like.  My newly acquired vintage Julie Duroché piece.

Sarah Seals