What Does My Body Want to Wear Today?

Getting dressed can be either the most fun or the least, depending on the day.  At the debut of Fenty, Rihanna dropped a major key  while discussing her outfit choice.  No stranger to unlimited options, she stated “You could have all the clothes in the world, and it’s like, ‘What does my body want to wear today?’”  The point she brought up struck a major chord.


Much like our attitudes, our bodies are constantly fluctuating.  Moody in mind and physical form, we are shapeshifters depending on the hour and the day of the month.  How do we account for such changes in our body’s moods?  Hormones, heavy meals, sleep patterns—you didn’t get fluffy overnight, it was the midnight Dominoes, or rather the salt hiding in the pepperoni and whatever it is they sprinkle on that crust...  


No matter the culprit behind our bodily changes, we wake up in the morning and are forced to ask ourselves what would be best to dress ourselves in at that moment.  However, we must also factor in our daily challenges, objectives, environment and the duration we will be forced into our chosen outfit before we are able to shed it in favor of sweatpants, house socks and no bra.  Inevitably, we will never be wearing the right undergarments should we decide to try on clothes while doing a little shopping on the fly.  Such is life.  


For most of us, we have a pretty good idea of how certain things fit and how to best trouble shoot an imperfect piece of clothing. It’s those times when we optimistically believe we won’t need to break in a new pair of sandals, that we end up with mummified Band Aid feet.  We forget to wear a belt, thinking it will be fine, then we do an uncomfortable jig all day long just to keep our butts in the right place.  It’s that little voice in the back of our heads that tries to tell us better, but we ignore it and show up to work with blisters and a salty attitude toward the clothes on our body.  



The cure for a bad outfit is preventing one from happening in the first place.  How do we do this?  Listen to your body.  When she says she wants to be comfy, put on some loose pants—not the high waisted jeans that look like they were airbrushed onto your booty.  Conversely, we should save certain pieces for times when the mood is right.  Your favorite dress is always more fierce when you’re feeling yourself, which is often, hopefully.




Cher, not in her most ‘capable’ looking outfit