The Future is now

We spend our days listening to robot voices and disengaging with the general human population—unless we need more napkins or a drink refill.  Yesterday’s future is quickly passing us by in favor of a newer and more isolating present.  If that makes sense.  

Science fiction movies always try to predict what the future might look like.  They usually come off a bit outlandish, a bit over the top, a bit campy.  My favorite example of that being The Fifth Element, where Milla Jovovich runs around in a very Jean Paul Gautier number, complete with rubber suspenders, cropped top and gold leggings.  Though, to be sure, it wasn’t her character who stole the film, but Chris Tucker’s wild and wonderful DJ Ruby Rhod.  In his leopard leotard and decorative mic’d staff, he exuded a charismatic campiness not often endured in a mainstream movie.  Let’s not forget to mention his bleached Snork-like coiffure and the rose collared gown.  Yes, back before Billy Porter was posing in dramatic dresses, Chris Tucker was bending the gender norm in a major motion picture.  

I say all this to say the future is now, and if you take a look around, those silly neon and metallic outfits you saw in those Michael J. Fox movies are more accurate than we realized they would be.  Perhaps it was a self fulfilling prophecy.  Even couture has caught up with the future.  Iris van Herpen’s 3-d printed pieces prove that perhaps our reality is more promising than our projections.  If shiny, prismatic fashion is in, what can we look forward to in our future?  

LeeLoo Dallas Multipass

LeeLoo Dallas Multipass

Sarah Seals