Trends are bullshit

There’s no greater deception than the promotion of the newest and hottest trend.  A “trend” by definition is a style that is currently popular.  It is a fleeting moment.  A blip on the radar.  A mistake left at the back of your closet, possibly with tags still attached.  I’m referring to the trendy little fluorescent crop top that makes you cringe harder than the drunk photos yet to be deleted from your camera roll.  And just like those blurry speakeasy photos, that crop top belongs in the trash.  

To be fair, trends have a time and a place in our lives. That time being long before the need for multiple face creams.  Once you have second thoughts about entering Forever 21, it’s time to put down the $13 bib necklace and about-face yourself back out the door.  I’m not saying that sporting the newest trends makes you a bonafide sheeple representative, but it does send out a clear signal to the rest of the herd.  Your need for approval can not be contained by your holographic fanny pack, and thus, must also be expressed through your choice of Courtney-Love-baby-doll-reject and definitely-not-matching ugly shoes.  

But really, if it weren’t for trend following, how would we all connect and bond over past shared experiences? For example: growing up dressed in giant bows and lace-bibbed Laura Ashley knock-offs.  Chances are that the same It Girls rocking rhinestone statement barrettes were the same little girls who wore rainbow colored plastic versions as kindergarteners...and possibly once again as Hot Topic loving angsty teens.  At times like these, I suppose we should look for connection wherever we can, even if it is via regrettable purchases.

Say it with diamonté

Say it with diamonté

Sarah Seals