What happened in Santa Barbara County is pure tragedy.  Many consumers have contacted us to ask what "WE" are doing to help the victims of the Thomas Fire and Mudslides.  I found this surprising at first.  What can WE do?  Our doors had remained closed for part of December when ash filled the air and a look of Armageddon was on the rise headed towards State Street.  Our main priority was to keep our employees and ourselves safe.  We sat in hotel rooms crying at the potential loss of our homes and businesses and the beauty of Santa Barbara that may no longer exist.  Weeks went by and the incredible efforts of the Fire and Police Departments made it safe for us to wash off the ash and return back to daily life.

On January 2nd, Renaissance celebrated a remodel of the store and what we thought would be a new beginning with a New Year!  Exactly one week later, the mudslides began.  We were speechless.  My Santa Barbara Renaissance Team and I stood in the backroom of the store and cried.  We cried for our long time customers and friends who were stuck in their homes.  We cried that the mudslides continued to wipe the beauty out of Santa Barbara.  We cried at more loss. 

In the beginning of February we saw a small ray of sunshine forming and there was outreach in the community and talk of a Kick Ash Bash Event that would benefit the Santa Barbara Fire Association and all the First Responder Units who handled the Thomas Fire and Mudslides.  My husband (and Partner) and I contacted the Event Coordinator and wanted to get involved.  The event would take place February 25th.  All proceeds raised would go directly to the departments for new equipment and would also support victim funds with services to get them back on their feet.  On Sunday, February 25th, my family and I attended this event as a Sponsor.  There were over 10,000 people at the Summerland Estate and the event had been completely SOLD OUT before it ever went public.  With hopes of raising $500,000, One805 (volunteers who put this in action) raised over a million.  Many celebrities who are also locals in the community were there to be a voice.  I have never felt so much love and appreciation in the wake of what's happened.  I am esteemed to have been apart of it. 

Renaissance Fine Consignment sends our sincerest "Thank you" to all the Fire, Police, First Responders, Counselors and Medical Teams that have picked up the pieces.  We are ONE.

Renaissance Gets A Facelift

After 20 years, Renaissance gets a Facelift.  New ownership refreshes the look of secondhand by turning the Santa Barbara location into a Collection of Fashion Artistry with couture displays, black and white fashion photography from every era, designer slogans across the walls, even turning the dressing rooms into capsules of Fashion Icons~ Prince, Audrey Hepburn, Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol.  We sell Fashion from every decade, most of which is very hard to find and comes to us from very special people with stories.  Life is a story.  What we wear says something about us.

Renaissance strives to appeal to women of every age, looking for that special piece for their closet or event.  With various merchandise obtained from local celebrities through connections, our frequent consignors are also shipping designer trends to us from around the world.  The new decor was planned to make the store look more inviting and exciting.  We want the inside to feel like the quality of the merchandise we are selling.  Everything is fresh and perfected.  We take nothing less than that with our inventory.

Renaissance Fine Consignment collects and sells designer pieces in addition to a mixture of newer trends.  On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, the Santa Barbara location will celebrate their GRAND RE OPENING starting at 10am located at 1118 State Street.  Shoppers will be greeted with champagne and appetizers and view the latest in comings from the Designer of the Month~ CHANEL.  (Oh yeah, and there's an Insta #SELFIE booth too!) 

She never looked nice, she looked like Art, and Art wasn’t supposed to look nice, it was supposed to make you feel something.
— Written by Dan Edmond
Santa Barbara, Open For Business!

Southern California has suffered from raging fires, namely the Thomas Fire which has now become the #1 Wildfire in California. These past few weeks have tested us as a Community.  December 10th, our Santa Barbara location was forced to closed it doors as many of our employees had to evacuate the area.  We sat in worry if our homes and stores would remain intact, while ash filled the air and the sky bled orange then red from Montecito across State Street.  Our streets were dominated with fire engines from all over the United States, carrying over 8500 Firemen and the sound of emergency sirens were haunting. 

On Friday, December 15th, there was a glimmer of hope.  The fire had been 50% contained and no longer threatened majority of the City.  All our employees were safe and we returned back to State Street, swept off the now white ash and prepared to carry on.  Dozens of fire crews walked the streets looking for open restaurants and were saluted and cheered for from members of the community peering out from behind their masks.

Renaissance Fine Consignment would like to Thank and Honor all the Fire Crews that helped save our Community.  Blessings to you and your families for the sacrifices you've all made.

Kendra Younger
Why We Love Pink
 New Owner, Kendra Younger and Former Owner, Joann Younger

New Owner, Kendra Younger and Former Owner, Joann Younger

Renaissance Fine Consignment was invited to attend The Breast Cancer Gala held at the Coral Casino in Montecito.  The event is magical with supporters and survivors wearing PINK!  Throughout the reception are live entertainment from acrobats dangling beautifully in satin cloth to walking on stilts... all very impressive!  The Casino Club overlooks the beach, breathtaking in itself.  But a lot of survivors know it may have been there last, had they not found the resources to help them on their journey to battle.  The younger generation also lives in fear that they could be next.

I was gracious to attend and be placed at a table where I had the opportunity to sit next to a double mastectomy Breast Cancer Survivor, Beverly.  Beverly told me about her story; How her mother had breast cancer, how the doctor told her she now had it too, and ultimately how she found herself writing instructions to her husband about her death.  She choked up a little stating, "You become morbid.  You think you're going to die because you've been handed a death sentence."

A former Flight Attendant, Beverly found the Breast Cancer Resource Center which greatly helped her along her journey to not only rebuild her breasts, but rebuild her life.  She attends the Gala every year and supports the cause.  Thank you for the enlightening story of courage and hope, Beverly.  I am truly honored you shared it with me.

- Kendra Younger

Insight:  Charlotte Hayley, who had battled breast cancer, originally introduced the concept of a peach colored breast cancer awareness ribbon. She attached them to cards saying, “The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is 1.8 billion US dollars, and only 5 percent goes to cancer prevention. Help us wake up our legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.” Charlotte handed them out to everyone. In 1992, Self Magazine joined Hayley. Unable to use the Hayley’s peach ribbon for legal reasons, Self Magazine and other people interested on promoting the breast cancer awareness with a ribbon, decided to go pink.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
— Eleanor Roosevelt
Our Website Debut!


Welcome to Renaissance Fine Consignment!  We hope this website gives you some information regarding our mission~ to appeal to women of all ages who appreciate style, fashion, designer trends and whom love to shop!  Our shopping experience is like no other.  We have a collection of current, vintage and hard to find pieces.  Some with original tags ("Buyer's Remorse"), that piece you could no longer find ("Sold Out"), clothing and accessories from every decade ("1920s Theme Party"), including items that may even interest collectors ("Vintage Chanel").

Follow us on Instagram (#renaissancefineconsignment) and Facebook to be the first to see our latest finds.  Stay tuned for our upcoming launch~ online store... 2018!



Kendra Younger